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Here's the deal.. I've been hired for a new startup and no longer have time for CJWSoft. Therefore, I have decided to sell all of my Classic ASP applications as a heavily discounted bundle. Basically
 50 bucks gets you every Classic ASP app I have ever sold, all the Classic ASP source code, and the ability to run these applications on as many websites as you like. The only thing you can't do is re-sell the applications as your own as I do. You can still use them in projects for your customers, just don't make a website, sell my apps for money, and pretend you wrote these applications. The only other catch is I no longer actively support the applications or their installations, I do however have support forums with 10 years worth of support information that you can search and look over, there's a mountain of information there. If you're good with ASP you shouldn't have a problem installing and using these apps.

Be aware: Purchase of digital source code is final. Please understand what you are purchasing before you make your payment! There are no refunds with digital source code!

     All CJWSoft applications are made up of Active Server Pages source code which means you can modify them to fit your needs. Our ASP applications are not DLL's and do not need to be installed on the server in the traditional sense. You simply copy our scripts and folders to the web server and they execute from there. These applications run on any hosted server that supports Microsoft ASP and database connectivity.

WE MAKE FOR $50.00

ASPProtect ASPProtect
Password Protection Membership System

Easily Password Protect any ".asp" page within your web site.  Easily integrates with your current website or project design. Web Based Administration for managing the users in the database.
CJWSoft Captcha System
A CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used to reduce spam submissions from forms.
Self Submitting Contact Us Form (Free)
Self submitting contact form that uses your existing email account to send the email from your web site.
Self Submitting Contact Us Form (GMail Version) (Free)
Self submitting contact form that uses your GMail account to send the email from your web site.
ASPGuest (Free)
Active Server Pages Guestbook
ASPTest (Free)
ASP application used for testing data connections to an Access database.
Color Sequence (Free)
Simple Graphical Password Protection
ASPBanner ASPBanner
Banner Management & Ad Tracking Software

ASPBanner is a high end Banner Rotation system. Web Based Administration for managing the users and banners in the database. Advertisers can monitor online statistical reports via their web browsers.
ASP Photo Gallery ASP Photo Gallery
Online Photo Gallery System

ASP Photo Gallery allows anyone to have their very own online photo album. Upload an unlimited amount of albums. Set up categories however you like. Allow others to upload photos. Optional image resizing and thumbnail creation.

Note: I lost the web site domain for this product so additional info and the online demo are currently not available..

To help save the environment, these programs are only available in electronic form. Any Retail Boxes shown above are not available at this time. When you purchase the Software Product you are acquiring source code and digital information. The Software Product sale is final. CJWSoft under no circumstances will be in the obligation of returning the amount paid for the Software Product.

Not Sure what this means or have any questions you need answered? Please contact us with any questions before you make a purchase.

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